The Size Press is a critical component in the papermaking process, imparting surface properties and improving printability. At H.P.M, we bring innovation to the forefront with our advanced Size Press solutions, designed to elevate the quality and versatility of your paper products.

Our Size Press Offerings:

  1. Film Size Press:
    • Our Film Size Press technology ensures precise application of size solutions onto the paper surface. This results in improved surface strength, reduced linting, and enhanced print quality.
  2. Blade Size Press:
    • The Blade Size Press offers flexibility and control in size application. Our designs focus on uniform coating, contributing to excellent paper surface properties and optimized ink absorption.
  3. Roll Size Press:
    • Our Roll Size Press technology is engineered for efficiency and reliability. The controlled application of size solutions enhances paper smoothness, printability, and overall surface quality.

Key Features:

  1. Uniform Coating:
    • We prioritize uniform coating in our Size Press solutions, ensuring consistent application across the paper web. This results in improved print quality and enhanced surface characteristics.
  2. Versatility in Size Application:
    • Our Size Press designs cater to various size formulations, allowing for versatility in surface treatment. Whether for coated papers, packaging materials, or specialty grades, our solutions adapt to your specific requirements.
  3. Precision Control Systems:
    • Precision is key in size application. Our Size Press systems feature advanced control systems to regulate size solution distribution, contributing to reliable and repeatable results.


  1. Improved Printability:
    • The precision application of size solutions enhances paper smoothness and printability. Our Size Press solutions contribute to sharper, more vibrant print results.
  2. Surface Strength Enhancement:
    • Size Press technology improves the surface strength of paper, reducing dusting and linting during printing and converting processes.
  3. Customization for Diverse Grades:
    • Recognizing the diversity of paper grades, our Size Press solutions are customizable to suit varying production requirements. Whether for fine writing papers or heavyweight packaging materials, our technology adapts to your needs.

Client Success Stories:

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