To Eliminate & Separate Larger Impurities & coming from Hydro Pulpers.

Impurity separator combines the functions of fiber disintegration also, It is installed after pulper and used for separating light and heavy impurities, and further disintegrates the stock that coming from hydrapulper.

Design Features

It consists of Stainless Steel Body, horizontally mounted rotating  impeller, inlet and outlet pipe, etc.
With the centrifugal force  inside the separator the heavy impurities settle down to the bottom, then the stock and the light impurities enter into the circulation zone.

The stock is filtered & sucked axially and thrown out from the periphery of the impeller with high-speed to form strong turbulence circulation.
The quality and the throughput of the stock can be controlled by adjusting the weir and the clearance between the impeller and the screen plate.

Impurity separator works together with the pulper in order to separate the light and heavy impurities from waste paper stock, as well as to increase the capability of the pulper. Waste paper stock can be handled with coarse screening efficiently, which results in simplifying the process and saving power consumption.

ModelHP1HP 2HP 3
Nominal volume (m3)1.235
Operating Consistency (%)3-5
Processing Capacity (t/d)35-4560-80100-130
Motor power (kw)45-5575160

The capacity may be different according to different pulp grades and consistencies.
So the capacity in the above chart is only used for choosing the model.

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