Double Drum Thickeners for easy and efficient thickening.

A double drum thickener is a thickening machine that works on the mechanism of rolling cylinders called drums.

The Double Drum Thickeners ensure dynamic thickening by rotating stock continuously. The maximum dehydrated stock improves the performance of upstream equipment.

The Double Drum Thickener may also be used to lower the hydraulic capacity of the dewatering equipment installed in the downstream process. The stock is conveyed inside vat and the filtration takes place naturally.

The stock undergoes further filtration through the drum as well as the combined action of the drum’s rotating movement and its internal design.

Applications & Salient Features :

This drum has the special feature of having various filtration stages zone-by-zone along its length, with several polyester clothes with several numbers of mesh to achieve better separation efficiency. The thickened stock is scrapped by Doctor Blade and carried over by a screw conveyor to further process.

  • Low height requirements because no drop legs are needed.
  • High capacity and compact design.
  • Easy to adjust the outlet consistency depending on inlet consistency by VFD.
  • Can accommodate large swings in feed flow.
  • Minimum space requirements.
  • Simple sealing design with minimized maintenance.

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