Precision Felt Stretchers Redefining Paper Mill Efficiency

Elevate Felt Handling with HEMA PAPER MACHINERY Felt Stretchers

Welcome to H.P.M, where innovation meets reliability in paper machinery manufacturing. Our Felt Stretchers are at the forefront of enhancing the papermaking process, offering precision, durability, and efficiency for optimal felt management in your paper mill.

Key Features of Our Felt Stretchers:

  1. Uniform Felt Tension:
    • Achieve consistent and uniform felt tension across your paper machine with our advanced Felt Stretchers. This ensures even pressure distribution for improved paper quality.
  2. Adaptable Designs:
    • Felt requirements vary across paper grades and machine configurations. Our Felt Stretchers come with adaptable designs, allowing customization to suit the specific needs of your paper mill.
  3. Quick and Controlled Stretching:
    • Our Felt Stretchers are designed for quick and controlled stretching, minimizing downtime during felt changes. This feature contributes to increased operational efficiency.
  4. Robust Construction:
    • Felt management demands robust equipment. Our Felt Stretchers are built with durability in mind, ensuring longevity and reliable performance in the demanding environment of a paper mill.


  1. Versatile Felt Handling:
    • Whether producing newsprint, packaging materials, or specialty papers, our Felt Stretchers offer versatile solutions for handling felts of different materials and characteristics.
  2. Integration with Paper Machine Sections:
    • Seamlessly integrate our Felt Stretchers into various sections of your paper machine, ensuring smooth transitions between pressing, drying, and calendering processes.
  3. Custom Solutions for Felt Types:
    • Different felts require different handling. Our Felt Stretchers can be customized to accommodate a variety of felt types, ensuring optimal performance for your specific production needs.

Benefits for Your Paper Mill:

  1. Improved Paper Quality:
    • Consistent felt tension directly impacts paper quality. Our Felt Stretchers contribute to enhanced sheet formation, reduced sheet breaks, and overall improved paper properties.
  2. Reduced Downtime:
    • Quick and controlled stretching means minimized downtime during felt changes. This feature is crucial for maintaining continuous production and meeting tight deadlines.
  3. Long-Term Reliability:
    • Invest in long-term reliability with our robustly constructed Felt Stretchers. Experience consistent performance and durability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

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