High Consistency Hydropulper

Features :

  • The contaminants in waste paper stock are easily separated from fiber without being smashed into small piece. Good for the following process.
  • Low PH and high temperature is required.
  • Comparing to low consistency pulping, it can save energy and chemical consumption by 50%.
  • It is compact in structure, easier, safe and reliable for operation.

Principle : 

High Consistency Hydropulper consists of a steel tank, vertical helical rotor, drive mechanism, discharging device etc. The rotor is a 3-thread helical rotor with varied pitch and varied diameter. When the rotor rotating, the stock at consistency 10~15% is drawn by the helical rotor and flung out of center and the waste paper stock is fiberized under intensive internal friction and kneading effect on fiber stock, in addition to friction by rotor vanes with teeth. In meantime, an ink particles are separated from fiber by chemical and physical action.

High Consistency Hydropulper

Primary Application:

High Consistency Hydropulper is key equipment in deinking process. At consistency 10~15% and with the effect of chemical and physical action, the waste papers such as newspaper, magazine paper film-coated is disintegrated into fiber stock, and at the same time light impurities like ink particles and plastic films are separated from the fibers efficiently.

Model (t/24H) Capacity (m3) Effective Volume (mm) Impeller diameter (%) Stock Consistency (kw) Motor power
HHCP-08 8~12 2.5 ⌀ 740 10~15 55
HHCP-20 20~25 5 ⌀ 920 10~15 110
HHCP-30 30~40 8 ⌀ 1000 10~15 160
HHCP-40 40~60 10 ⌀ 1200 10~15 200
HHCP-60 60~90 15 ⌀ 1400 10~15 280
HHCP-80 80~100 20 ⌀ 1600 10~15 355
HHCP-90 90~120 20 ⌀ 1600 10~15 400
HHCP-120 120~150 25 ⌀ 1750 10~15 450

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