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Elevate Your Paper's Finish with HEMA PAPER MACHINERY Calendars

Welcome to H.P.M, a pioneer in paper machinery manufacturing. Our Calendars are at the forefront of transforming paper surfaces, offering precision, versatility, and advanced technology to enhance the quality of your paper in the most demanding paper mill environments.


Key Features of Our Calendars:

  1. Surface Smoothing Technology:
    • Our Calendars utilize cutting-edge technology to smooth and refine paper surfaces. This results in improved printability, gloss, and overall aesthetic appeal of the final product.
  2. Customizable Nip Configurations:
    • Tailor the calendaring process to your paper mill's unique requirements with customizable nip configurations. Achieve the desired finish for a variety of paper grades and applications.
  3. Advanced Heat and Pressure Control:
    • Precision is paramount in calendaring. Our Calendars feature advanced control systems for precise regulation of heat and pressure, ensuring optimal results without compromising paper integrity.
  4. Versatility in Calender Types:
    • Choose from a range of calender types, including soft, hard, and hybrid configurations. Our versatile offerings cater to various paper grades, providing flexibility for your production needs.


  1. Improved Printability:
    • Enhance the printability of your paper with our Calendars. Achieve smoother surfaces and consistent thickness, resulting in vivid and sharp printed images.
  2. Surface Gloss Enhancement:
    • Elevate the gloss levels of your paper surfaces. Our Calendars contribute to a polished finish, making your paper products stand out in the market.
  3. Versatile Paper Grades:
    • Whether producing fine writing papers, packaging materials, or specialty grades, our Calendars offer versatility to meet the unique requirements of different paper grades.

Benefits for Your Paper Mill:

  1. Superior Paper Finish:
    • Our Calendars are designed to deliver a superior paper finish, contributing to increased market competitiveness and customer satisfaction.
  2. Consistent Results:
    • Experience consistency in calendaring results. Our advanced control systems ensure that each sheet meets the desired specifications, batch after batch.
  3. Adaptable to Production Needs:
    • Adapt the calendaring process to changing production demands. Our Calendars are versatile and customizable, accommodating the evolving requirements of your paper mill.

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Transform your paper surfaces with the precision and versatility of H.P.M Calendars. Contact us today to explore how our advanced calendaring solutions can elevate the quality and market appeal of your paper products.

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