High-Performance Dryer Sections for Superior Paper Drying

Innovative Dryer Sections by HEMA PAPER MACHINERY


The dryer section is a crucial component in the papermaking process, determining the final moisture content and quality of the paper. At H.P.M, we take pride in offering advanced dryer sections that redefine efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in paper drying.

Our Dryer Section Solutions:

  1. Single-Felted Dryers:
    • Our single-felted dryer sections are engineered for optimal heat transfer and energy efficiency. These sections ensure uniform drying across the paper web, contributing to enhanced paper strength and quality.
  2. Double-Felted Dryers:
    • Double-felted dryer sections provide even greater control over paper moisture content. The dual-felt system enhances heat transfer, allowing for precise drying profiles and improved paper properties.
  3. Multi-Cylinder Dryers:
    • Multi-cylinder dryer sections offer versatility in paper production. Our designs maximize drying capacity while maintaining energy efficiency, allowing for increased production rates and reduced environmental impact.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Heat Transfer Technology:
    • Our dryer sections incorporate state-of-the-art heat transfer technologies to ensure efficient and uniform drying. This results in improved paper quality and reduced energy consumption.
  2. Precision Control Systems:
    • Precision is paramount in the drying process. Our dryer sections feature advanced control systems that enable accurate temperature and moisture control, contributing to consistent paper properties.
  3. Adaptive Designs:
    • Recognizing the diversity of paper grades, our dryer sections come with adaptive designs to cater to varying production requirements. From lightweight papers to heavy-duty packaging materials, our solutions are versatile and reliable.


  1. Increased Production Efficiency:
    • Our dryer sections are designed to optimize production efficiency, contributing to higher machine speeds and increased output without compromising paper quality.
  2. Enhanced Paper Strength and Quality:
    • Efficient drying results in improved paper strength, surface properties, and printability. Our dryer sections play a crucial role in elevating the overall quality of the end product.
  3. Energy Conservation:
    • With a focus on sustainability, our dryer sections are engineered to conserve energy. Advanced heat recovery systems and energy-efficient designs contribute to both environmental stewardship and cost savings.

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