Precision Winding with HEMA PAPER MACHINERY Pope Reelers

Elevate Your Paper Winding Process with Advanced Technology

Welcome to H.P.M, where innovation meets efficiency in paper machinery manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art Pope Reelers redefine the winding process in paper mills, ensuring precision, reliability, and seamless operation.

Key Features of Our Pope Reelers:

  1. High-Speed Winding:
    • Our Pope Reelers are engineered for high-speed winding, allowing for efficient and rapid winding of paper rolls. This feature contributes to increased production rates and optimized mill performance.
  2. Precision Tension Control:
    • Tension control is critical in the winding process. Our Pope Reelers feature advanced systems for precision tension control, ensuring uniform winding and preventing issues such as telescoping and baggy edges.
  3. Customizable Configurations:
    • We understand that every paper mill has unique requirements. Our Pope Reelers come with customizable configurations, adapting to various paper grades, roll dimensions, and production specifications.
  4. Automation for Efficiency:
    • Embrace automation for enhanced efficiency. Our Pope Reelers incorporate advanced automation technologies to streamline the winding process, reduce manual intervention, and minimize the risk of human error.


  1. Versatile Winding:
    • Whether you're producing newsprint, fine papers, or packaging materials, our Pope Reelers offer versatile winding solutions suitable for a wide range of paper grades.
  2. Jumbo Roll Handling:
    • Efficiently handle jumbo rolls with our Pope Reelers. The robust design ensures stability and reliability, even when dealing with large and heavy rolls.
  3. Seamless Integration:
    • Our Pope Reelers seamlessly integrate into your paper mill workflow, connecting with other sections such as the dryer, calender, and finishing areas. This integration ensures a continuous and efficient production process.

Benefits for Your Paper Mill:

  1. Improved Roll Quality:
    • Achieve superior roll quality with our Pope Reelers. The precision winding capabilities contribute to well-formed, high-quality rolls ready for further processing or shipping.
  2. Enhanced Production Efficiency:
    • Optimize your paper mill's production efficiency with our high-speed Pope Reelers. Minimize downtime and meet production targets consistently.
  3. Custom Solutions for Your Mill:
    • Your paper mill is unique, and so are our solutions. Work with us to tailor our Pope Reelers to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your operations.

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