Application & Salient Feature

Effectively separates the long & Short fibers at Medium consistency pulp.

Design Features

It consists of Stainless Steel Body, vertical mounted rotating  rotor, inlet and outlet pipe, etc.

The centrifugal force inside the separator developed by special drum rotor helps to fractionate the Fibers and pushes longer fibers to downwards.

ModelHFS 1.2HFS 2.0HFS 3.0HFS 4.0HFS 6.0
Slot Size0.15 to 3.0
Operating Consistency (%)3-5
Processing Capacity (t/d)70-120110-200180-320220-500350- 650
Pressure (mpa)0.5 to 2.0
Motor power (kw)22- 7555-90110-160140- 200180- 280

The capacity may be different according to different pulp grades and consistencies.

So the capacity in the above chart is only used for choosing the model.

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