Useful for handling reject of slotted primary screen.

Vibrating Screen is designed for screening in lines for processing of chemical pulp, ground wood and waste paper where it is used mainly as an end part for final sorting of the reject from screening stages.

An advantage of this screen is its open design; the stock can be seen while being screened. Another advantage is that the screen eliminates possible clogging as it happens with the closed systems. Sorting screen is provided with bores or slots. Their dimensions depend on actual technological sorting requirements.

The vibrating screen can be anchored directly to a concrete floor or bolted to a steel frame. The vibrating screen itself consists of a tub that stands on anchor plates with springs. Those absorb the beats on the floor. The screen with a vibrator is located on four springs hitched to the tub. The vibrator is driven by an electric motor using a V-belt. There is a shower pipe hitched to the tub as well. When operating, the vibrator sets the screen in a vibrating motion. The motion is enabled by a shaft with eccentrics. The stock flows on a screen and, using the vibrating motion, the good stock goes through the screen into the tub, and the rest that can’t pass through the screen is moved upwards into a reject trough.

The screen reject is washed by the shower pipe on the screening part. The water level under the screen is adjustable with a slide so that the screen self-cleaning process would start. The impurities outlet, the good stock outlet from the screen and its inlet on the screening part must be solved for each project separately depending on the screen location. These parts do not form a part of the screen. For safety reasons, the machine is equipped with a belt cover and eccentric cover

  • Possible utilization for screening of diverse sorts of rejects.
  • Open design (visual inspection of screening process).
  • Easy maintenance and servicing.
  • Easy operation and high work safely.

The tub, screening part, and shower Pipe is made of Stainless Steel.
The vibrator, drive stand and Covers are made of structural Steel and painted by a polyurethane Double-component Waterproof paint.

  • It is possible to deliver a small inlet reservoir with a gate valve.
  • Machine design and work safety are in compliance with EU standards.
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