Features & Benefits
  • For effective separation of Plastics and other waste from pulp stock.
  • To coarse screen discharge from pulper “with out” further disintegrating synthetic linings.
  • Helps to recover fibber from rejects and discharge contaminants at high consistency.
  • No need of Pressure Pumping (Inlet).
  • Can sort fibers evenly.
  • Pulp feed is through “gravity”

Discharges coarse screened pulp through screen basket by centrifugal action created by a vertically rotating cylinder fixed with hard tip blades placed strategically on the rotor periphery. The rejects coming out at the bottom are diluted by ring dilution nozzles to recover useful fiber with a vibrating screen and discharge the plastic at high consistency.


This type THICKENER / WASHER is designed as wire mesh installed onto the inside of the perforated metal rotation drum. According to the drum rotation, the materials with 1 to 2% concentration pass through the inlet on the front, are hit against the mirror plate and are dropped down and washed out within the drum. It is a washer in a container which is vibrated and showered from the upper section. The back of the drum provided with pressure system to compress the air, is held up and inclined to keep the distance properly to wash effectively. The clean water for dirty water can be changed within one system. If the bleaching is done before the washing process, the brightness will be increased by 2 - 4%. A de-inked pulp with high-quality will be produced. With-out applying excess vacuum and pressure when the drum is turning, lowers damage on the material, and prevents a cutting tow from degrading, and also proves to be useful as regenerated paper. As another specific function of the Washer, it offers a feature of collecting fibers included in the white water from the paper machine, resulting in lowered excess exhaust load and increased yield and economic efficiency. During Pulper slushing, Refining, and Dispersion processes most of the Ash, clay are dissolved along with the water, and remain in with pulp which reduces brightness. By Washing out this along-with water we can gain more brightness and such Stock will be able to Load more Talcum. In conclusion, the Thickener/ Washer enable removal of many kinds of impurities from de-fiberized materials, and finally to deliver a complete cleaner stock from Low grade waste papers.

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